FLY FISHING IN NORWAY is all about understanding the seasonal rhythms of the rivers. From heavy lines in early summer and semi light equipment mid to late season, each period brings its own challenges and rewards. But fear not! The hosts at Nygard Lodge are pros at helping you navigate the ever-changing conditions and maximize your success on the water.

If you're looking for your next great adventure, look no further than Nygard Lodge in Surna, Norway. With its stunning scenery, world-class salmon fishing, and warm hospitality, it's a place that's sure to steal your heart. So, pack your bags, grab your gear, and get ready to dive into fly fishing paradise. 

Trust me, you won't regret it. 

WE WOULD LIKE TO WELCOME our guests to a very special place rich in atmosphere based on historic fly-fishing culture with high quality salmon fishing in Surna river.

The lodging is either in the Lodge built in 1826 or in the Main house built in 1820.

The Lodge has three floors, the ground floor is special made for fishermen with a rod room, drying room, bathroom, a large hall room with kitchen, two fireplaces, relaxing areas covering an area over 100 square metres.

The first floor has six separated bedrooms, two bathrooms and a fly-fishing museum covering over 150 years with fly-fishing history in Norway. The owner Mr. Jan Gunnar Opsal is self-declared unofficial sponsor of The House of Hardy, and his collection goes back to 1880.

The second floor is a special made conference/tv room if you unfortunately must do some work or absolutely need to watch something important on the television…

As a guest at Nygard Lodge you can receive a high-quality full board accommodation if you want to, or you can make your own specialities in our full suite kitchen. 

If any questions arise during your stay, do not hesitate to contact us, we are here for you.

We hope you will enjoy a pleasant stay and that the river will treat you generously. 


THIS WILL BE A LITTLE BIT PERSONAL, normally a history should be written in past tense, but since I am still alive and fishing, is past tense a little bit difficult. In addition, I always look forward and in all my effort I try to make Surna a better river for the future generations. This work is challenging because the Norwegian industry culture is extremely destructive in the light of preserving nature and the trout and salmon in our irresistible rivers. In this light, power plants and aquaculture have in particular negative impact.

To take care and strengthen of the salmon tribe in Surna I recommend you to put back the large females, but I will not be offended if you keep it if it is your first big salmon. This is your choice. Just remember that a ten kilo female salmon carries about 10 000 eggs.

I was born in Eresfjord in 1967 and at an age of 12 years I began as a junior ghillie at Engelskhuset to service Ragnar and Anette Platou's guests in the Eira river. Engelskhuset was built in 1864 to hospital English fishermen and is an institution regarding classic fly-fishing in Norway also today. After being a ghillie for 15 years in Eira both at the lodges Engelskhuset and Siramoen I left the professional fly-fishing domain for a while and went studying.

In 2001 we were asked to take over the family farm in Surnadal. In the period from 2003 to 2007 we rebuilded all the buildings to fit the fly-fishing cultural knowledge from Eira to a high-quality special purpose destination for fly-fishermen.

From 2007 to 2023 the Nygard Lodge had the famous Advokaten pool every second week, but from 2024 Nygard Lodge added in addition two extremely famous salmon pools into the portfolio. The Sæter pool and the Talgøy pool, these pools together with the Advokaten pool can be world class. The catch pr. season is noramlly between 200 to 600 salmons with average weight around 10 pounds, but as in all rivers this may vary from season to season.

So now this has been a little bit more than a hobby, but we hope you will enjoy the place we have created for you and your friends, and the fantastic salmon beat we can offer you


NYGARD LODGE IS LOCATED ONLY 2 HOURS from Værnes airport in Trondheim or Kvernberget airport in Kristiansund. Locally in the municipality Surnadal the Nygard Lodge is located 10 kilometres from the administrative and commercial centre, named Skei. Here you will find banks, post office, supermarkets, gas stations and most important here you can also bay fishing tackle and something to drink. In Norway alcoholic beverages must be bought through the state-owned outlets, called VINMONOPOLET. The closest one to Nygard Lodge is located here. 


Please send us an email at post@nygardlodge.com for enquiries.